A Brief History of the RANE Battle Mixer

RANE have long been regarded as top of the class with its Scratch mixers.

Way back in 1998, they bought to market the TTM54, RANE’s first professional battle mixer.

With performance features for serious turntable DJs including a precision Active Crossfader with adjustable contour, providing low noise and low feed-through along with impressive response.

The TTM54i replaced the TTM54 in 2000.

The TTM54i was then replaced by the TTM 56 and TTM 56S.

The TTM56S was released as a full-featured battle mixer, the first ever DJ Mixer to feature RANE’s patented magnetic faders. It also boasted isolator EQs, reverse and contour controls.

The design uses non-contact technology, meaning no travel noise and no bleed, ever. Magnetic faders accurately translate hand motion into precise audio level control.

In 2004, RANE collaborated with New Zealand Company Serato Audio Research, and together produced Scratch Live, and The SL1 USB interface box. While it wasn’t the first DVS, Scratch Live would make a massive impact because of its great stability, and would change the Vinyl DJ scene forever.

2006 saw the release of the TTM 57SL – which incorporated the USB interface for Serato Scratch Live control.

The RANE Sixty-One and Sixty-Two mixer were released in 2012, with dedicated lit buttons for cues, samples, loops, and dedicated on-board effects, dual USB ports, and the ability to run the new SERATO DJ PRO, which replaced SCRATCH LIVE in 2013.

The TTM 567MK2 made an appearance in 2015, as an update to the TTM57. Now compatible with Serato DJ.

Head into 2018, RANE fans have been patiently waiting for some new hardware.

Introducing, the RANE Seventy-Two.

The Seventy-Two mixer represents the ultimate in advanced control needs and performance expectations of today’s DJs.

Featuring a full colour touchscreen interface, stackable Serato and Flex FX, plus the ultimate in expressive playback control via eight multi-function trigger pads.

New MAG THREE contactless tension-adjustable faders for crossfader and channel faders with reverse, contour controls, and cut-in adjustment allow Turntablists to cut, flare, chirp, crab, orbit and transform with precision.

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